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Logical Disorder aka Javier Barrero´s been continuously keeping busy exploring everything from sound design to live improvisation to contemporary productions to good old wonky electronic bangers. And now from a quiet village on the outskirts of Barcelona (Spain), he’s making a new album, it’s called “Ternärer” and is a electronic industrial-inspired palette and crafting a variety of lurching experimental rhythms, hint at dub, underground bass music and abstract techno. 'Ternärer' will be Logical Disorder´s first release on the Berlin label Cremaster Records. It shows him using a production of electronic advanced music with many layers of rhythm programming, sound design and micro details to surprise, freak-out and delight.

Cat: CMSTR-09 | Digital Edition Shops Available: 22.01.2015 | Pre-Order iTunes Exclusivity: 08.01.2015

Senmove & Jose Ayen - Body & Mind EP Cover

body mind ep fb cover2

From deep, Senmove & Jose Ayen got Body & Mind EP. After many years translating western algorithms with the most atypical variables that produce an accelerated downloads of youth decay in the black system, something escaped. But how this guys got it? Confronting a gentle colonization of the mental oscillator, cheating to the more advanced techno children gurus. And so on. In the club, the results of these complex analysis decoding us data-punk musical results, these data were translated into audio patterns using powerful bio-rhythmic computers brought from Russia releasing a dysfunctional orbital teenage mood control, verification of local dancefloor electronic dust, beware of the troika plugin auto-update status quo in the structural citizen idea of the fictional relative body-mind order with future nondescript repetition. And so on.

Artists: Senmove & Jose Ayen
Tittle: Body & Mind (Digital Edition, EP)
Cat: CR10
Mastering by Südblock Studios
Artwork by Jesús Vögel

Überall 31.03.2015

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| 22/02/2014